dhedumbkin here

nur aishah zarith zain . just call me cha ok? 7teen and spm (this year) . mouth full of bullshit . idontcare wht people want to say about me , im too obses with avril lavigne and justin bieber . gambit also . am i cruel or contemptible to you? i dont think so . im too sensitive person in my deep side , haha . ilove make new friends and new enemy . hate hipokrit and selfish people damn much . honestly to say : IM FRIENDLY . haha Imma bit little crazy . if u dont know me , PLEASE im beggin ur mommahell ; dont judge me oky? andd im love to be FREAKKK haha ;)) . i just want you to appreciate what i do for you and accept who i am . i was born this way and this is my way not yours(!)